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Heating ThyristorsIn South Africa we still use a massive amount of electrical heating…..why not use a heating thyristor and modulate your heaters to give you energy savings? ANNICOM is an established design and build company that offers an ideal solution to the southern African market with their range of heating thyristors.

Three of their products include the AX-MPR3, AX-PPR3-72, and the AX-PPR3-27:

The AX-MPR3 DIN Rail Series of power regulators are designed to provide continuously adjustable control of electric heating loads from a BMS Controller or similar.

Applications include electric heating coils, heating cables and electric furnaces. The AX-MPR3 Series use solid-state switching with “zero crossing technology” for minimum RFI and provide accurate switching control.

All Power Controllers in this series feature Over Temperature Protection with automatic reset and Alarm Output, LED Indication of Output ON and are designed to mount on TS35 section DIN Rail. No additional heatsinks are needed.

The Annicom AX-PPR3-72 and Annicom AX-PPR3-27 Heating Thyristors are designed for panel mounting.

These Heating Thyristors feature an integral cooling fan which turns on automatically when required. No additional heatsinks or fans are needed

As a massive energy cost saving, these products are worth the attention of installers and mechanical engineers. To learn more about these Annicom products, check out our website and download the spec sheets: