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Automated Control Solutions (ACS) is an importer and distributor of Building Management Systems , Energy Efficient Building Automation Controllers and the relevant sensing and control equipment (aka field devices) used to control heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems. Through our strong system integrator (SI’s) channel, we have a network of installers throughout South Africa, as well as Namibia & Kenya, that have been trained to supply , install and engineer, Tridium Building Management Systems and the related controllers and field devices.

We understand that our customers want the latest technologies, which is why we have partnered with innovative, dynamic companies like Danfoss, EASY IO, Vacon, ISMA and Tridium to enable us to take our business  to the next level.

Through our vast portfolio of partner products we can ensure that we offer our customers a complete basket of products to cover any Automated Control Solutions.


Need more info?

For a full list of System Integrators or more information on any of the products we offer and the brands we represent, please contact us or visit our About Us page.


We offer comprehensive training for system installers and developers as part of the global Tridium Certification Programme; involving a combination of theory and practical workshop-style activities.


We have invested in a massive inventory and our customers know that they can come to us and we will help them find the Automated Control Solutions they are looking for.


ACS will exceed every customer’s expectations, while providing prompt, professional and price-competitive automated control solutions.

ACS is a complete solutions provider

We can design and implement control solutions for any building that requires automation, whether for heating, cooling, ventilation, humidification, dehumidification or pressure control. Through our network of quality controls installers in Southern Africa, ACS can offer high quality BMS and field devices throughout the region, helping you control your world




Take a look at our new Valve & Controller combo!

VS8 Series 2-way/3-way FCU Control Valve

VS8 series FCU control valves can be used in residential and office buildings to control the continuity of cold and hot fluids. The FCU control valve is made up of two parts: electric actuator and valve body.
VS8 series FCU control valve offers a wide range of voltages and screw thread connection standards for different regions. There are two-way and three-way valves to cover most of the building control applications.

WS8 Series Wall Module

For use with fan coil units

WS8 Series wall modules are designed for indoor temperature control. It has a large LCD display providing real time display of room temperature or set temperature. With temperature set, it will provide on/off control signal to the fan coil valve for temperature regulation to the occupant’s desired comfort.
WS8 Series wall modules provide selectable automatic or manual control of fan speeds. It also provides anti-freeze function.

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