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Tosibox: IoT Connectivity made simple

As the IoT (Internet of Things) trend continues to grow, there isn’t a single area of our life that won’t be touched by IoT devices in the next decade. Connectivity is the foundation for IoT, and it needs to be simple, precise, and secure for companies to be able to...

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Sensors for HVAC Applications

ACS carries a range of sensors for HVAC applications which will fit your needs, from gas and smoke detectors to air and liquid pressure sensors. In the broadest definition, a sensor is a device, module, machine, or subsystem whose purpose is to detect events or...

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Water Flow Meters

Water Flow Meters – measuring flow and energy usage. Water flow meters are instruments designed to measure the amount of water passing through a pipe. There are four main types available depending on the water measurement application, budget, and maintenance...

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ACS Thermostat Suppliers

ACS Thermostat Suppliers – Helping you Control Your World Thermostats are divided into two types – digital or electronic, and mechanical. The earliest mechanical thermostats depended on the thermal expansion of two strips of different metals bonded together. As the...

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Genebre butterfly valves

ACS supplies a range of wafer type Genebre butterfly valves for fluid control. Options include manual and motorised and digital positioning systems. Failsafe and modulating options are also available. All electrics for the motorized and digital positioners enjoy IP67...

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How ACS’ customer Skyshot is utilizing Tosibox Solutions

Tosibox solutions make connectivity simple, and offer a new standard for secure IoT connectivity, remote maintenance, and network management. Skyshot remotely manages 9 sites throughout South Africa with 9 Tosibox Locks and 8 Softkeys, across 3 different companies...

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Application Optimised Variable Frequency Drives

In recognizing the potential of connectivity, and motor and system independence, Danfoss Drives give customers the freedom to optimize their systems, and the power to equip their drives to ensure they engineer the best possible AC-drive solutions without compromises...

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Evolution Split Fan Coil Room Controller

Available now from Automated Control Solutions, the Evolution Split fan coil room controller  from Industrie Technik is a preprogrammed controller with remote power units for temperature control applications. The unit offers quick access buttons for the most common...

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Danfoss VLT Micro Drive

ACS is proud to be a major supplier of Danfoss products and solutions. One of these products is the highly efficient VLT Micro Drive FC 51. Continue reading to get an overview of this product, its features, and energy saving comparisons and more. Protection and...

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