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Danfoss PICV ActuatorsDanfoss PICV Actuators

The dynamic Danfoss AB-QM PICV range of valves improved hydronic balancing and control dramatically. And with the introduction of the Danfoss PICV Actuators, the way that hydronic balancing devices are connected to building management systems has now been taken to a whole new level.

AB-QM & NovoCon for best results

Without an actuator, the AB-QM range of valves will function as automatic flow limiters. However, with actuators like the Danfoss PICV actuators and a connection to a BMS, the balancing and control results are faster and more accurate and provide quality results.

Functions of the NovoCon actuators include: Digital control, Bus communication, flow indication, and data logging. The actuator uses BACnet, Modbus and 0-10V control signals. The actuators suit ABQM valves from 10mm – 32mm.

BACnet or Modbus communication

Via BACnet or Modbus communication, the NovoCon Actuators can provide a wide variety of information to the BMS including alarms, settings, temperatures and more.

NovoCon Design Flow

With these actuators there is no need to rummage through ceilings and fiddle in hard-to-reach places. Design flow can be remotely changed through every valve. The actuator also offers additional functionality with I/O’s which will improve flexibility and cost savings. Using the Danfoss PICV actuators I/O’s it is possible to:

  • flow & energy indication by connecting sensors for return and supply temperature measurement
  • connectivity for 4-pipe changeover applications with NovoCon® ChangeOver6
  • to connect different sensors (e.g. room temperature, humidity, or condensation) and control different devices such as fan speed control.)

NovoCon transforms HVAC systems into essential smart systems, vital for connected buildings with monitoring, energy management, preventative maintenance. Capabilities. They are also able to ensure the highest comfort levels with the lowest operating costs.