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Alerton is a pioneer and an industry leader in providing building management solutions for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment for all types and sizes of buildings.

Axio products by Annicom are designed specifically to offer solutions in temperature, pressure, air, gas, power and more for the HVAC industry. Annicom has been established as a design and build company for the Industrial Controls, HVAC, and Building Automation Industry for more than 25 years.

Engineering Tomorrow, today…
Our uncompromising focus on quality, reliability and innovation allows us to help our customers create a more sustainable world by delivering smart and energy efficient products, services and solutions.

EASYIO has been developing a 32-bit Ethernet based open DDC solutions for over 13 years. They have emerged as a world leader in Open Building Automation integration solutions and manufacturer of Ethernet based, DDC Controllers.

Founded in 1991 Evikon MCI Ltd develops, manufactures and markets sensor-based electronic measurement instruments for industrial and building automation applications.  At ACS we offer their Toxic & Combustible Gas Sensors.

Fema offer innovative solutions with a product portfolio which contains pressure switches and transmitters, thermostats and temperature transmitters; glow monitors as well as solenoid valves covering the application areas: Pressure, Temperature and Flow.

Genebre is a leading company and world leader in fluid control and applications. At ACS we offer their high quality range of motorised butterfly valves, suitable for HVAC applications. Complete with IP67 actuators, for both modulating, on/off, as well as failsafe control, we have solutions for all applications.

Greystone Energy Systems Inc. based in America is an ISO registered manufacturer of HVAC transmitters and sensors for all building automation management systems.

HK Instruments is a family-owned Finnish company that helps its customers to keep the quality of indoor air and the functionality of buildings high, resulting in well-being and energy savings. We design highly accurate and easy-to-use measuring devices, mainly for HVAC applications in ventilation and building automation systems

More than 100 million homes and 5 million buildings and industrial sites worldwide rely on Honeywell to control and protect their indoor environment.

Industrie Technik is a leading provider of one of the widest ranges of field devices including valves & actuators, electronic and electromechanical devices that can be found on the global market.

ISMA controllers by Sedona are ahead-of-their-time devices which can be used to control building automation and HVAC systems. Offering a large number of inputs and outputs allows integration with various other devices.

MAMAC Systems is a manufacturer of sensors, transducers, IP appliances and control peripherals. With the addition of the new IP Sensor Appliances, anyone can do sensor monitoring, control, data logging, and email alerts without any training or custom software.

Neptronic is a private corporation that designs, manufactures and distributes intelligent controllers, electronic actuators, actuated valves, humidifiers and electric heaters.

ONICON Incorporated is a leader in HVAC flow & BTU measurement. Their range of products include turbine meters, vortex meters, electromagnetic meters, thermal mass flow meters, and clamp-on ultrasonic meters as well as BTU meters and display modules.

Senva is an American company that specialises in the manufacturing of  energy meters and control peripherals. The meters automatically recognizes if you have either BACnet or Modbus communications, self-configures its baud rate, eliminating additional configuration steps to provide a full data stream of power variables.

Smartemp are an Australian company who manufacturer Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Controls for various applications.

We have taken connectivity and made it simple. Our people, technology and software have created a new standard for secure IoT connectivity, remote maintenance and network management. The award-winning TOSIBOX® products are manufactured in Finland and used worldwide.

Tridium technology and applications have fundamentally changed the way devices and systems connect, integrate and interoperate with each other. Their innovations have fundamentally changed the way people connect and control devices and systems.

Vacon is a global manufacturer of variable-speed AC drives for adjustable control of electric motors, and inverters for producing energy from renewable sources.

Veris Industries sales, engineering and manufacturing resources are dedicated to the development and delivery of industry leading products in two business units: Hawkeye(TM) Power Monitoring Products and Alta(TM) Labs Environmental Sensors.

WEMS offer the world’s first fully wireless energy management system and is able to monitor lighting, heating and air conditioning equipment to identify wastage across multiple sites.