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The quick and easy Danfoss VACON® 100 Flow AC drives

  • The Vacon 100 Flow AC Drive from Danfoss will improve flow control and save energy usage. It has a wide range of uses including, industrial pump and fan applications and has a range of specific features which lead to better pump performance.

Uses of the Vacon 100 Flow AC drives

The Vacon AC Drives are ideal for variable and constant torque applications such as those using compressors, fans, conveyors, pumps and fans. So if you’re looking for a return on your project investment, a Vacon AC Drive will quickly provide a saving on your energy efficiency.

The Vacon 100 Flow offers flow control functionality to improve pump and fan performance while protecting the pipes and equipment for a longer period with more reliable use.

Features of the Vacon 100 Flow AC drives

  • Quick Setup
    • Start-up Wizard
    • Fire Mode Wizard
    • Application selections
      • Standard, HVAC, Multi-Pump Single Drive, Multi-Pump Multi Drive
  • Easy commissioning
    • Start-up Wizard automatically initiated when powered up
    • Application Selection with Quick Setup menu for fast configuration of additionally commonly used functions
    • Full parameter list covers the advanced applications
  • Energy Optimization
    • Saves energy by reducing motor losses
    • The drive dynamically searches for the minimum motor current
    • Lowers the motor noise at partial load
    • Excellent in slow dynamics applications such as pumps and fans
  • Control Unit, Fieldbus Options

Ethernet on-board protocols

  • Modbus/TCP
  • BACNet IP
  • Profinet IO & EtherNet/IP (+FBIE)

RS485 on board protocols

  • Modbus RTU (as standard)
  • N2

Option board (slot C, D or E)

  • Profibus DPV1
  • DeviceNet
  • CANopen

The VACON 100 flow AC drive is your easiest, most economical solution to improve your process control and over-all energy savings. The Danfoss Vacon 100 Flow AC Drive is available directly from Automated Control Solutions. So contact us today to find out more!