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Flow control done right!

We all know that flow control measuring devices are a vital component to any heating and cooling application. Among other solutions, ACS offers two efficient and cost effective flow control measurement solutions. These include the Onicon portable clamp on ultrasonic flow meter, and Honeywell’s Basicmes2 handheld measuring computer.

The Onicon portable clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter


flow control measuring devicesOne of the flow control measuring devices we offer is suited to a wide range of pipe sizes and the design of this flow meter does not require a shutdown of flow. Signal transducers mounted on the pipe accurately measure the flow through the pipe wall. Typical applications include: flow testing during test and balancing, and temporary flow monitoring in existing systems.

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Honeywell’s Basicmes2 handheld measuring computer


Ideal for hydronic heating and cooling applications, this handheld measuring computer measures the differential pressure over an orifice using a kv formula. The kv values of all Honeywell balancing valves, as well as some common valve manufacturers, are stored in the computer.




The BasicMES-2 has other functions besides differential pressure and flow measurement:

  • Temperature measurement
  • Data logging
  • Leakage tests
  • Save measured values
  • PC connectivity
  • Print function

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