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Senva Energy Meters aim to be the easiest and most accurate energy meters on the market. Able to digitally communicate measurements of current and voltage through BACnet or Modbus, this is truly a versatile product.

Senva Energy Meter Applications

The Senva energy meters are ideal for Energy Management and performance, commercial monitoring, activity-based costings, real time power monitoring, distributed generation and more. The product can be used in retrofits or new applications, and is perfect when accuracy is essential.

Senva Energy Meter Features

  • Intelligent Meter Technology
  • Ultimate Flexibility
  • Split-core Rogowski CVT
  • Quick start auto-detection
  • Compact sizes

Because of the product’s make-up, they are low voltage devices which ensure safer installation. Suitable for a wide range of applications, the Senva energy meters are efficient, easy to use, accurate and versatile, and available from Automated Control Solutions!

The Senva EM-RS485 Energy Meter

With easier set-up because of their digital communications, and compatibility with BACnet MS/TP and Modbus networks, the EM-RS485 is the most versatile and efficient energy meter on the market today.

Key features include:

  • Compatible with all CVTs
  • Supports BACnet MS/TP and Modbus networks in one device
  • No manual network configuration necessary
  • Auto-recognition with all CVTs to save time during installation
  • Low voltage device — all high voltage connections are made at the CVTTM level
  • 2 pulse inputs for third party meter support (water, gas, steam, etc.)
  • Versatile mounting options — DIN rail, mounting feet or rare earth magnets

To find out more and to discover the full range of dynamic capabilities of the Senva EM-RS485, watch the quick 2 minute video below, and then contact us to order yours today!