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Tridium TrainingTridium Training at ACS

Tridium, Niagara is one of the leading BMS frameworks in southern Africa and the world. A truly open platform, Niagara has grown an extensive community of people, machines and companies with thousands of applications and endless possibilities.

ACS have a network of installers and systems integrators throughout South Africa, Namibia & Kenya that have been trained to supply, install and engineer Tridium Building Management Systems and the related controllers and field devices.

ACS offers a detailed Tridium Training introduction to the Niagara AX and N4 Framework for engineers, exploring the capabilities of the Framework and its application in building automation systems on a one week course that includes:

  • Workbench engineering
  • Drivers & various communication protocols
  • LON network management
  • Creating control strategies
  • Drawing web serving graphics
  • Creating & managing Niagara stations

Terrance Hall, Technical Director at Automated Control Solutions (ACS) is one of the only people in the country that is certified to offer Tridium training in South Africa. This means that we are able to offer comprehensive training for system installers and developers as part of the global Tridium Certification Programme. The programme involves a combination of theory and practical workshop-style activities.

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Case Study: Tridium & Changi Airport Terminal 3

Terminal 3 at Changi Airport in Singapore was a $1.5bil project and was completed in 2007 with the help of the Tridium Niagara Framework. These are some of the details which made this project such a success from a BMS perspective:

The Changi Airport Terminal 3 project:

Terminal 3 development requiring rapid, comprehensive and integrated building services control

Additional capability to extend control to existing Terminals 1 and 2

The requirement at Changi Airport
  • Complex array of multi-vendor control and environmental monitoring sub-systems
  • 50,000 control points on Terminal 3 and 60,000 control points across Terminals 1 and 2
  • A reliable, easy to access and integrated site-wide building management solution for the CAAS
At Changi Airport Tridium provided:

Market-leading NIAGARA Framework™ as the system architecture united with Cisco’s IP router and switching technology, providing a fully integrated IP-based supervisory system for all three Terminals delivered by systems integrator, CHA.

Changi Airport Terminal 3: https://www.tridium.com/~/media/tridium/building%20automation/documents/changiairport_casestudy_tridium.ashx?la=en

Tridium Niagara: 


This is the future: