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Thermostats are divided into two types – digital or electronic, and mechanical. The earliest mechanical thermostats depended on the thermal expansion of two strips of different metals bonded together. As the temperature increased, one of the metals would expand more than the other causing the bonded strip to bend thereby breaking an electrical contact and switching off the heat source.

As the metals cool, the strips would straighten and re-establish contact completing the circuit and switching on the heat source. The mechanical thermostat is not as accurate as the digital type as they can be up to 5 degrees out.

Today, most new thermostats are digital or electronic. Digital thermostats have internal components capable of providing an accurate, responsive reaction to room temperature, and therefore a more accurate set temperature. The electronic sensors read the interior temperature and fine-tune the heating keeping the room within a single degree of the target setting.

ACS, as a thermostat supplier, stocks a range from Smart Temp and Honeywell

Smart Temp thermostats are simple and easy to use. The products have been designed to be, above all else, simple and logical for the user.

They have also been designed with the installer in mind with, considerable effort has been applied to ensure simple wiring and logical programming / setup ensure the controller can be installed quickly, and with the minimum of fuss.

As product specifications increase, Smart temp ensures the products supplied are 100% backwards compatible. So, should you need to replace a product, or increase the size of the project they provide you with the consistency required to complete the project.

The Smart Temp range consists of four models.

SMT-770 Chameleon

Looks good on the wall, extremely easy to use and it meets all the needs of the user and the equipment it is controlling.

This thermostat is like the reptile from which it takes its name, the Chameleon thermostat adapts quickly to suit its surroundings – a single thermostat that can control almost any type of heating, cooling or air conditioning system as well as meet all the individual needs of the people using it.

SMT-131 Hotel Thermostat

Have you ever been in a hotel room and spent ages figuring out how the thermostat works instead of heading to the pool? This thermostat is the answer with no strange symbols, no confusing icons, no need to read the printed sheet glued to the wall next to the thermostat before you can become comfortable in your room.

The SMT-131 offers a big bright display that provides feedback of the air conditioning status and permits the guest to easily turn the air conditioning on or off and adjust the temperature and fan control.

If the optional occupancy module is fitted, the SMT-131 will automatically change to a low energy consumption mode when the room is vacant. The optional outside door station module further adds to the capability of the SMT-131 by providing the guest with the ability to call for housekeeping or request that they are not disturbed.

SMT 920 – Viking Multifunction HVAC Controllers

SMT-920 “Viking” commercial HVAC controllers are built using the very powerful and reliable “Chameleon” engine, the Viking is the culmination of many years of experience in designing and building advanced control solutions for the commercial HVAC industry.

Smt-400 Wi-Fi

This is truly a smart thermostat. Tapping the “Mode” button will cycle the SMT-400 through all available modes such as Cool, Heat or Auto Season Changeover mode. Pressing the Up or Down button will adjust your comfort level.

What could be simpler? The SMT-400 can monitor the current outside air temperature and alter its control logic to ensure comfort levels are maintained using the least amount of energy. The SMT-400 will even employ intelligence that will calculate the cooling potential of outside air and use it to cool your home or office without the need to run the air conditioning systems. The SMT-400 can even suspend (or alter) heating or cooling automatically based on room occupancy.

Use the free App or Web portal to easily pre-set individual daily comfort levels, even for all 365 days should you wish. If you really want easy then enable the Geo-fence function and have your heating and cooling system automatically turn on or off as you approach or leave your home or office.

More than 100 million homes and 5 million buildings and industrial sites worldwide rely on Honeywell HVAC Controllers to control and protect their indoor environment. ACS stocks five models for a variety of applications.

WS3 Series Wall Module – For Use with Fan Coil Units

The WS3 Series wall modules are designed for applications with 3-speed fan and modulating valves for indoor temperature control in fan coil systems. With temperature set, WS3 Series wall modules provide modulating signals for valve control to regulate chilled or heated water flow.

WS8 Series Wall Module- For Use with Fan Coil Units

The WS8 Series wall modules for indoor temperature control have large LCD displays providing real time display of room temperature or set temperature. With temperature set, it provides control signals for room temperature regulation. WS8 Series wall modules provide selectable automatic or manual setting of fan speeds and provides an anti-freeze function.

WS9 Series Wall Module- For Use with Fan Coil Units

The WS9 Series wall module is a temperature control device with an LCD display design based on the standard 86 wall-mount installation boxes. The units feature Modbus communications and monitor actual and set temperatures in real time to control valves in the fan coil units. The WS9 Series wall modules also provide anti-freeze protection and a choice of manual or automatic fan control.

T6861 Series Large LCD Digital Thermostat 110/220 VAC 2-pipe/4-pipe fan coil control

T6861 digital thermostats are designed for 3-speed fan and valves in fan coil systems applications with 2-pipe cool only/heat only/manual changeover and 4-pipe manual or automatic changeover. They are suitable for use in hotels, offices and residential buildings. They can be directly installed on the 86-size box and have a stylish blue/green backlight.

TB3 Series Communicating Thermostats

TB3 Series Fan Coil Thermostats are designed for use in individual rooms or zones in buildings. They are designed for two and four pipe fan coil units. The TB3 Series has one universal input as external sensor or open/close contact input, three relay outputs, two analogue outputs and one EIA-485(BACnet MS/TP). It controls the fan coil unit depending on the internal room sensor or external return sensor temperature.

If you’re looking for thermostat suppliers, or should you wish to know more about ACS’s range of thermostats, have a look at the data sheets on our website or give us a call today.