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HVAC ProductsIt’s nearly the New Year and once again we ask where the time has gone. Before we get there though, let’s look back at some of the brilliant HVAC product solutions that ACS has provided this year for projects across South Africa!

Industrie Technik Evolution Split fan coil room controller 

It is a preprogramed controller with remote power units for temperature control applications. The unit offers quick access buttons for the most common functions. The Evolution Split THS equipment enables the control of up to 7 fan coils connected to a master unit via the RS485 communication line. The master unit is mounted on the wall, while the slave units are mounted in the fan coils. The master unit is used to set the operating parameters and display the status of the remote slave units via the internal network. The controller is ideal for air climate control in buildings in order to optimize energy consumption and comfort.

The large, easy-to-read backlit display allows you to view the temperature and humidity values, the adjustment parameters for each remote unit, the operating time slots, the status of the remote units and any alarms.

Through the keypads it is possible to set all operating parameters and quickly access the most common functions such as: on/off, setpoint change, fan speed control, season change, input/output status display, alarms and more.

IoT possibilities with Tosibox

The easy-to-use and secure TOSIBOX® technology enables two-way communication, which allows both data collection and device control. Companies can finally attain the benefits of IoT as well as remote maintenance with this one, unique technology. Moreover, TOSIBOX® enables easy, centralized, and device-specific access management. Creating and managing access groups, limiting access, and adding new users and objects is a matter of clicks whereas with previous generation technologies the same tasks took days or weeks to perform.

Enterprises can manage their networks in a brand-new way with more efficiency and security than before. While TOSIBOX® secures the connections, this full package lets companies and integrators create new services on top of the technology. Secure IoT connectivity, remote maintenance and network management are solved by this award-winning technology that is already in use worldwide. Technology makes any legacy hardware and future systems compatible as it is device agnostic.

Genebre butterfly valves

ACS supplies a range of wafer type butterfly valves by Genebre, a world leader in fluid control and high-quality taps. Options include manual and motorised and digital positioning systems. Failsafe and modulating options are also available. All electrics for the motorized and digital positioners enjoy IP67 standard ingress protection. The body is made of epoxy painted gg20 cast iron which offers excellent resistance to heat and corrosion and is also effective at damping both sound and vibration. The stem and pivot are both 416 grade stainless steel and the seat is EPDM. Bushes are made of PTFE and graphite and the washers are bronze. On the manual type valves the handle is either cast iron or aluminium. Bolts are zinc plated carbon steel. The valves are designed for applications where space necessitates a quarter turn reversible valve. Sizes range from 2” to 24”.

ACS Range of Onicon HVAC Products and Flow Meters.

F-1100 Series – Provide an accurate, cost-effective option for flow measurement of relatively clean liquids such as those found in closed loop HVAC systems. Each meter is built to order and individually wet-calibrated.

F-3500 Series – Are suitable for measuring electrically conductive liquids in a wide variety of applications. Each F-3500 provides a single analog output for flow rate, a high-resolution frequency output to drive peripheral devices, a scalable pulse output for totalization, and an empty pipe alarm signal.

F-4600 Series – a family of inline flow meters that provide accurate, reliable flow measurement for a variety of applications. Wetted transducers measure the ultrasonic signal transit time differential, which correlates directly to the flow rate. The direct beam path orientation significantly enhances signal strength and long-term reliability.

In the New Year we look forward to bringing you more fantastic products for the HVAC industry. In the meantime, have a blessed Christmas and a happy, prosperous New year.