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7 Benefits of a reliable and efficient Building Management System

A modern Building Management System is all about integration. Not only of your HVAC system, but of everything to do with the efficient control of your building. From fire & smoke detection to access control, lighting and blind control to video surveillance – everything should be integrated into one system.


Reduction of operating cost through energy optimization across sub-systems

  • Integration of blind and shutter control in the building management strategy to manage sunlight transmission to rooms for the purpose of reducing the heating and cooling costs.
  • Integration of sub-metering and analysis of the energy signature of a building to evaluate optimization potential.

Reduction of operating cost through minimizing maintenance spend

  • Automatic checks for lamp failures instead of manual checking saves service time.
  • Tracking of component life cycle to enable preventive replacement.
  • Control products designed for minimum recurring maintenance cost (battery-less, no moving parts such as hard disks).

Reduced service cost through increased staff productivity

  • Reduction of training and service personnel through integration of information from fire, HVAC, lighting systems into a single common supervisor with a consistent operating philosophy.
  • Enabling mobile management of installations from a smart phone or tablet.

Building Tenant Safety

  • Automatic opening of shutters when fire is detected facilitates building access for the firefighters and opens additional evacuation routes.
  • Redirecting CCTV cameras towards the location of the fire detector helps determining a suitable fire-fighting strategy before accessing the area.
  • Monitoring of escalators and elevators and automatically switching them to evacuation mode in case of fire.

Building Tenant Security

  • Integration of video surveillance systems into the BMS allows easy supervision of small to large facilities from a central supervisor.

Investment safety

  • “Smooth,” selective upgrades of installed systems to new IoT technologies through legacy system integration.
  • Open, extensible system architecture, supporting standard as well as proprietary protocols from diverse manufacturers and customer specific extensions.

Extended plant and equipment lifetime

  • Early detection of misconfiguration (e.g., oscillating actuators).
  • Automatic tracking of performance degradation (e.g., by monitoring the energy input vs. output).

The benefits of installing an efficient and reliable Building Management System with a good track record are limitless, and include operating cost reductions, safety, staff productivity, security and the safety of your long-term investment.