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Ensure that fresh air flows and that health risks are minimised by installing the following Carbon Monoxide HVAC Solution. This solution is designed for basement parking and large-scale garages where carbon monoxide is a major factor. By utilising CO sensors, controllers, and variable speed drives supplied by ACS, the application can be managed in the right way.

Demand Based Ventilation

Demand based ventilation ensures that equipment is running on an as-and-when basis. As the load increases (in this case vehicles), more fresh air is required in the parking area. Not only is this an energy efficient way of controlling Carbon Monoxide and fresh air, but it is also economically more effective as well.

The Carbon Monoxide HVAC Solution

Use the CO sensors (part code: CMD5B1000), which senses the carbon monoxide levels in the basement parking. This reading then gets sent to the controller (Part Code: ISMA-B-AAC20-LCD). The Isma then reads the 8 x CMD5B1000s and sends the highest reading to the Vacon 100 VSD. The Vacon 100 then Controls the fan speed, bringing in more fresh air, the higher the CO reading and vice versa.

The Products

CO SensorCMD5B1000: The CMD5B1 Series carbon monoxide detector uses a superior electrochemical sensor for reliability and accuracy in even the most critical applications. The standard product features a 2-wire loop-powered output. Optionally, the device may be configured with an alarm relay which operates in 3-wire sourcing mode and/or with Modbus communications.

ControllerISMA-B-AAC20-LCD: This is an advanced controller for building automation and HVAC systems. By using SVM (Sedona Virtual Machine) the user is able to quickly and easily program the device in real time. There are a large number of inputs and outputs allowing integration with other devices (8xUI, 4xDI, 4/6xAO and 4xDO)

Variable Speed Drive Vacon 100: The VACON® 100 FLOW is an AC drive dedicated to improving flow control in pumping and ventilating applications. It combines the core functionality of VACON® 100 with dedicated functions that are specifically designed with flow-control application processes in mind.

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