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Controlli S.p.A. (“Controlli”), a leading Italian manufacturer of valves and actuators for residential and commercial HVAC applications, and Global Control 5 S.A. (“GC5”), a Polish fast-growing company that operates in the development, design and manufacturing of advanced solutions in building automation under the “iSMA” brand, have formed a joint group called iSMA CONTROLLI S.p.A. in May 2021.

With the joint activities and the integration of the teams and products of both companies under one brand iSMA CONTROLLI creates a new international player in the building automation market – a pioneer in providing state-of-the-art solutions in the BMS world. This enormous potential comes from the merging of such different companies: Italian and Polish, mature and young, involved in mechanical and electronic engineering, with experience in direct sales and distribution.

“Integrating the expertise, knowledge, experience and potentials of our companies in the fields of mechanical engineering, electronics and IT and creating an entity on an international scale, operating in the building automation market, is a great joy, but also a challenge that we have taken on together” – says Adam Półgrabia, Chairman of the Board of Directors, iSMA CONTROLLI.

With joint capabilities in the areas of R&D, manufacturing, purchasing and logistics, both companies plan to achieve greater operational efficiency by providing their partners and distributors with:

  • a sustainable, complementary offer in the area of building automation,
  • one price list, one catalogue,
  • a complete and comprehensive service (one-stop-shop), customer-oriented
  • consistency and compatibility of the offered solutions,


which in subsequent steps will translate into:


  • wide possibilities of creating final solutions,
  • products and solutions that are “engineer friendly” and “user friendly”,
  • ability to provide cost-effective services.


The newly formed iSMA CONTROLLI S.p.A., based in Milan (Italy), is jointly owned by the former Controlli and GC5 shareholders and holds 100% of Controlli and GC5, operating as a single company.

“The common goal of iSMA CONTROLLI S.p.A. is to create a leading international player operating in the building automation market, by combining Controlli’s competence, experience and knowledge with GC5’s growth potential, innovation and expertise in mechanical and electronic engineering” – adds Michele Monacelli, CEO iSMA CONTROLLI.

“The iSMA CONTROLLI mission is to help make buildings better places to live and work. We aim to contrubute to the wellbeing of people and to a greener environment, together with an increased energy efficiency” – says Orio Ponitggia, Managing Partner of B.Group and board member of iSMA CONTROLLI.


Controlli S.p.A., headquartered in Sant’Olcese (Genoa), reported near to Euro 12 Million turnover in 2020, with 82 employees and stable profits even in such a special year affected by the global Covid-19 pandemic. The company is one of the leading players in the manufacturing and distribution of valves and actuators for the HVAC industry, focusing in particular on residential and commercial applications with high margins and profitability and strong cash generation.

Controlli was founded in 1936 as the first company in Italy focusing on control equipment for the HVAC industry. Starting in the nineties, Controlli was part of various international groups, Invensys Plc. and Schneider Electric, being their European Centre of Excellence for the design and manufacture of field devices. In August 2011, B. Group S.p.A. and a group of managers acquired 100% of the company in a management Buy-Out operation, making Controlli once again a fully independent Italian company. B.Group, based in Bologna, Italy, is an industrial holding company supporting the development of companies through direct equity investments in partnership with their managements and entrepreneurs.


About Global Control 5
Global Control 5 S.A. (GC5), based in Warsaw, Poland, was established in 2015. It is a fast-growing company active in the development, design and manufacturing of advanced building automation solutions. GC5 designs and manufactures intelligent management systems under its own brand iSMA (Intelligent Solution Managing Automation). The company is headquartered in Warsaw, with a design department and manufacturing plant in Gdansk. GC5 has been ranked among the fastest-growing companies in Europe, in 2019 in the Technology Fast 50 Central Europe ranking by consulting firm Deloitte and in 2020 and 2021 according to the FT1000 ranking.

In 2020 the company recorded Euro 5.2 Million turnover, and during 6 years of its existence, its turnover has been systematically growing, thanks to which it marked its presence on international markets.
GC5 is owned by its founders and managers, who also hold leadership roles in the company.