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Danfoss AB-QM

Danfoss AB-QM Leading the Way in PICV Technology

The Danfoss AB-QM was the first control valve of its kind. It is able to offer differential control and automatic flow limitation while retaining 100% valve authority. The range is ideally suited to  air handling units, fan-coil units, climate ceiling or one-pipe radiator systems. Combining a Danfoss actuator ensures the required flow in every unit and maintains hydronic balancing in the system.

Benefits of the Danfoss AB-QM

Besides the outstanding quality which ensures a long lasting balancing solution, the range has various other benefits as well:

  • DN10 to DN250
  • Constant Δp across the control valve
  • 100% Valve Authority
  • Easy setting by using a 20-100% scale
  • Avoid Kv calculations
  • Time saving installation and system setup

Danfoss AB-QM Applications

The Danfoss AB-QM can be used in a wide range of applications. Some of these include: Fan Coil Units, Air Handling Units, climatised ceilings and radiator systems. The range has been successfully installed in offices, hotels, hospitals, and airport terminals. Buildings where accurate temperature control is extremely important, such as in laboratories or food processing facilities also thrive with the use of these products.

Danfoss AB-QM

How the Danfoss AB-QM Works

‘’The working principle is as simple as it is effective. The AB-QM consists of two different parts: the control valve (orange) and the differential pressure controller (blue). The integrated membrane of the pressure controller maintains a constant differential pressure across the valve.

The flow through a valve is determined by the kv value and the differential pressure across the valve. When the differential pressure is constant, overflows are prevented and the authority to control the flow is ensured.

When the differential pressure across the valve increases, the membrane will immediately be pushed down and close the pressure controller. If the differential pressure decreases, the membrane will instantly move up again.’’ You can find the full brochure here! 

Or check out the Danfoss website, here!

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