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The Danfoss manual balancing valves were designed to be the most versatile and easy to use valves in the manual balancing valves category. ACS supply a full range including the LENO MSV-B, MSV-F2 and the PFM 5001 Measuring Instrument.

 Installation of the Danfoss MSV Valves

In order to reduce costs, these valves offer both a balancing and shut off function.  The main idea is based off of a ball valve to ensure that the valve is 100% watertight when closed. The shut off valve does not affect the flow rate settings, and the valve can be installed at various points in the system.

Features and benefits

Offering a number of unique features and benefits to enhance accuracy, ease of installation and durability, these Danfoss manual balancing valves should be your first choice.

Easy mounting

The Danfoss MSV manual balancing valves offer a compact design with an easily removable hand-wheel. This functionality allows for easy installation as there is less room required to place and work with the valve. These valves can also be placed anywhere without detrimental effects on the accuracy. The Danfoss MSV valves provide built-in measuring nipples for 3 mm needles.

Easy set point locking

It’s very simple to lock and unlock the valve, making it a breeze to set. Simply press the green latch to lock and unlock the set point setting. A plastic tie-wrap (accessory) can be inserted to ensure the unit is tamper proof.

Easy shut-off function

When the valve is locked it essentially becomes a ball valve with zero leakage and ease of opening and closing. This will not affect the flow setting as the setting mechanism and shut-off mechanism are completely separate.

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