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Danfoss DrivesDanfoss Drives

Vacon Danfoss drives are innovative and highly durable in a range of applications. Although the fans, pipes, vents and waterways in our infrastructure is largely unseen and hardly ever considered, they form an integral part in our everyday lives. So ensuring that only the best drives are used to ensure smooth delivery is essential.

Now part of the Danfoss Group, Vacon is a global manufacturer of variable speed drives for adjustable control of electric motors, and inverters for producing energy from renewable sources.

Benefits of the Danfoss Drives Vacon 20X

  • Cost savings from decentralized concept
  • Can be used in almost any environment
  • Can be cleaned with pressurized water
  • Custom-made software solutions with built-in PLC functionality for OEMs
  • Mountable in any position; fits into any available space

Benefits of the Danfoss Drives Vacon 100X

  • Able to withstand rough conditions such as heat, dirt and vibrations
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Approval for public networks makes it flexible for installation
  • Vacon Programming enables top class integration for countless OEM applications
  • High efficiency and simulated air flow ensure long lifetime
  • Mountable in any position; fits into any available space

ACS offer a range of Danfoss drives for a number of applications including the 100x, 20x and other compact AC drives. So check out the video and download the brochures and spec sheets here!