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emerging trends in the HVAC industry

The development of the Internet of Things (IoT) is reaching into every facet of our lives and is one of the key emerging trends in the HVAC industry affecting the way businesses operate.

It is allowing more flexibility in business thanks to online platforms and interconnectivity that was undreamt of even twenty years ago. It has and is rapidly changing all industries including HVAC.

Current trends reshaping the HVAC industry are:

  •         Connectivity and Data Collection and Processing to Improve Control
  •         Efficient HVAC Systems Are in Demand
  •         Smart HVAC Technologies for Automation
  •         Ductless HVAC systems

H2: Connectivity and Data Collection and Processing to Improve Control

Building construction and refurbishment have undergone huge changes in recent years with designs being more mindful of environmental concerns. 

This has led to the development of smart technology; smart meters, thermostats and sensors to reduce energy consumption. Facilities managers can now control their entire building, from temperature and humidity to security and access control using their laptops or even smart phones through wi-fi connectivity.

emerging trends in the HVAC industry

Using systems such as Niagara by Tridium for which ACS is a 2023 Platinum Distributor, facilities managers can gather data for identifying trends , performance, and malfunction detection, lighting and heating control and even maintenance planning.

H2:  Efficient HVAC Systems Are in Demand

In these days of high energy prices and environmental awareness, green initiatives are on the increase with economising and carbon footprint reduction being the order of the day. So environmentally friendly HVAC units, which include solar panel and wind-turbine driven units, are increasingly popular.

Depending on location, the use of geothermal heating and cooling units are also on the rise. Some buildings utilise a mix of solar and supplied power and switch seamlessly between the two to reduce costs. Thermally driven air conditioners are in development and an Australian company, Chromasun, are developing chillers that use gas and solar panels which are very energy efficient. 

H2: Smart HVAC Technologies for Automation

New and emerging technologies are at the forefront of many HVAC trends. New system designs incorporate sensors and controls that communicate with each other. This means that the different systems in a building can talk to each other. Occupancy sensors can control lighting and air quality by communicating with a central system. Sensors can regulate heating or cooling on different sides of the building depending on the sun. Smart blinds can be deployed for shade or sun as required. Building Automation Systems have made this all possible. 

ACS understands that our customers want the latest technologies, which is why we have partnered with innovative, dynamic companies like Danfoss, EASY IO, Vacon, ISMA and Tridium to enable us to take our business  to the next level.

Through our vast portfolio of partner products we can ensure that we offer our customers a complete basket of products to cover any Automated Control Solutions.

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