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Energy efficient buildings Energy efficient buildings in Africa are coming to life through partnerships like the one we have with Danfoss. By partnering with a company like Danfoss, we are able to bring quality, energy efficient HVAC solutions to the African market. Energy efficiency is becoming a fundamental aspect to curbing the global warming scenario and reducing our spend on energy and electricity.

‘’According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), energy efficiency can deliver 38% of what is needed to keep our planet within the 2-degree scenario of global warming by 2050.’’ (Danfoss.com) We have these solutions available to save costs on energy expenditure while reducing the impact on the planet.

Energy Efficient Buildings

‘’Technologies like advanced variable-speed compressors, control valves and radiator thermostats can cut up to 40% of the energy used in the cooling and heating systems and pay-back time is low.’’ (Danfoss.com) ACS provides Danfoss solutions and products that ensure your energy efficient buildings are up to standard with reduced overall energy expenditure and less impact on the planet.

Danfoss AC Drives

We were very pleased to see that Vacon and Danfoss had partnered up, as it confirmed what we already knew. Vacon Drives are fantastic products! We have a number of drives available for a wide range of applications, but none are more robust than the Vacon 100x. Visit our full range of drives to find out more!

Danfoss Valves

We provide Danfoss valves for a wide range of applications across South Africa. Whether you need a solution for central and decentralized heating systems, domestic hot-water systems, district heating and steam, or a more efficient product to ensure your system is balanced correctly, you’ll find the answers on our Control Valves and PICV Balancing Valves page.

Danfoss SonoSelect

Based on precision ultrasonic technology, the new SonoSelect™ heat meter ensures you stay ahead of your energy management challenges.  By offering reliable energy data at every project stage, you’ll be wondering how you ever managed before without it.

How energy efficient are your building projects? If you’d like to know more about these and our other energy efficient solutions, contact us today!