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Energy Efficient HVAC Solutions for Smart Buildings

Smart buildings are the way of the future and consist of energy efficient HVAC solutions aimed at reducing the energy wastage of heating, cooling and ventilation. By implementing efficient control systems, smart devices, and utilising the Internet of Things (IoT) we can make a difference, one building at a time.

The Problem

Buildings have been a large contributor to climate change. Through inefficient energy usage and the Co2 emissions generated, buildings are one of the largest contributors to this global issue. Whether it’s a factory, office block, apartment block, hospital, or a high-rise, the way these buildings manage and use their energy affects our climate.

What needs to change

Connectivity between systems from HVAC to lighting, and security to access control needs to improve. Within the field of HVAC, buildings need to implement more energy efficient field devices and communication software. For example, variable speed drives, pressure independent control valves, sensors, monitoring tools (to name but a few) and the latest data and communications software such as Tridium Niagara should be adopted to improve the overall efficiency of how the building utilises energy to improve the comfort of its occupants.

ACS and the way forward

Automated Control Solutions keeps ahead of the times by striving to improve the products and services it can offer its clients. We look for the best, and then offer solutions such as Tridium, Danfoss field devices and other ground-breaking technology providers to ensure that all of your buildings become Smart Buildings.

Our team has been trained and updated on the latest products and solutions available from our suppliers. So, contact a member of our team to discuss a solution for your next project and visit our website to explore Tridium, Danfoss AC Drives and ABQM valves, and check out a dynamic product from Tosibox.