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Fan coil room controller Available now from Automated Control Solutions, the Evolution Split fan coil room controller  from Industrie Technik is a preprogrammed controller with remote power units for temperature control applications. The unit offers quick access buttons for the most common functions. The Evolution Split THS equipment enables the control of up to 7 fan coils connected to a master unit.



Features of the Evolution Split fan coil room controller include:

  • Communication via RS485 (Modbus)
  • Easy configuration with Evolution tool
  • One Master unit controls up to 7 remote slave units
  • 3-speed or EC fan control
  • Direct control of electric heater, valves (3- point, on / off, 0..10V)
  • Keycard input, window contact, season change, occupancy override
  • CO2 control possible with remote transmitter
  • Possibility to control humidity with built-in sensor or remote transmitter
  • Simplified electrical wiring

How it works

The master unit is mounted on the wall, while the slave units are mounted in the fan coils. The master unit is used to set the operating parameters and display the status of the remote slave units via the internal network.


The Evolution controller series is available with a wide range of functions for controlling heating, cooling and air conditioner installations. Used for air climate control in buildings in order to optimize energy consumption and comfort, the new Evolution THS room controller is particularly suitable for fan-coil based applications in offices, schools, shopping centres, airports, hotels, hospitals and more.


It is possible to connect up to 7 remote power units via the RS485 communication line. The evolution controller is able to control 3-speed fan coils or a fan with an EC engine, on/off, modulating, or 3-point valves.

The large, easy-to-read backlit display allows you to view the temperature and humidity values, the adjustment parameters for each remote unit, the operating time slots, the status of the remote units and any alarms.

Through the keypads it is possible to set all operating parameters and quickly access the most common functions such as: on/off, setpoint change, fan speed control, season change, input/output status display, alarms and more.

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