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Genebre Butterfly ValvesACS supplies a range of wafer type Genebre butterfly valves for fluid control. Options include manual and motorised and digital positioning systems. Failsafe and modulating options are also available.

All electrics for the motorized and digital positioners enjoy IP67 standard ingress protection.

The valves are designed for applications where space necessitates a quarter turn reversible valve. Sizes range from 2” to 24”.

The body is made of epoxy painted gg20 cast iron which offers excellent resistance to heat and corrosion and is also effective at damping both sound and vibration. The stem and pivot are both 416 grade stainless steel and the seat is EPDM. Bushes are made of PTFE and graphite and the washers are bronze. On the manual type valves the handle is either cast iron or aluminium. Bolts are zinc plated carbon steel.

How Butterfly Valves Operate

Valves come in all shapes and sizes from giant to small. There are many different types such as needle valves for atomisation of fluids and fine control, ball valves for controlling gasses and vapours, gate valves to shut off material flows and butterfly valves for fluid control, to name a few.

Butterfly valves, also known as quarter turn valves, as they require a quarter turn from fully open to fully closed, are ideal for unbalanced water flows as the valve or butterfly pivots on a central axis.  They are generally available with lug or wafer connections.

A little more about Genebre

Genebre is a world leader in fluid control and high-quality taps and valves, with its headquarters in Spain and manufacturing facilities in Brazil. The company has been operating since 1981 and has designed its own equipment since 1996, developing new materials and designs for high temperature conditions for both domestic and industrial users.

When you need Genebre butterfly valves for your fluid control systems, CONTACT ACS to discuss how Genebre valves can work for you.