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Tosibox solutions make connectivity simple, and offer a new standard for secure IoT connectivity, remote maintenance, and network management. Skyshot remotely manages 9 sites throughout South Africa with 9 Tosibox Locks and 8 Softkeys, across 3 different companies (each with varying levels of access), all through 1 server located at their office in Johannesburg.

Secure connectivity is essential for remote access, remote maintenance, continuous monitoring, real-time data collection and data logging. TOSIBOX solutions help you to harness IoT for your business.

Simple – Build and manage secure IoT infrastructure in minutes

  • Configuration-free implementation without special IT skills.
  • Create and manage access groups.
  • IT/OT convergence solved.
  • ‘Self-healing’ network.

Timeless – Deals with legacy and future systems

  • Technology makes the legacy hardware and future systems compatible.
  • Internet connection, operator, and device agnostic.
  • Works both in internal and external networks.

Secure – Tested & audited security

  • Technology based on two-factor authentication.
  • Automatic security updates and latest encryption technology.
  • One TOSIBOX® Lock device protects all devices behind it.

 Modular – Unlimited expandability and flexibility

  • Easily extend the network when you need to.
  • Grow from one object to thousands, without changing the system.

Unique – Globally patented point-to-point connection.

  • Point-to-point data flow: data streams flow directly between two modules, no cloud.
  • Two-way communication offers the benefits of IoT plus remote maintenance with one technology Globally awarded solution.

The server at the Skyshot offices runs the Tridium Niagara Supervisor with concurrent connection to their various sites, which include dealerships, office blocks, and shopping centres.

 Tosibox Solutions  Tosibox Solutions Tosibox Solutions

Speak to our team today to discuss the Tosibox solutions which enable a direct point-to-point VPN Tunnel between people and devices. These solutions consist of modular components which provide limitless expandability and flexibility.