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Energy efficiency is becoming paramount for HVAC systems in commercial and industrial buildings with a wide range of research being conducted on the topic over the past few years. Buildings are becoming more and more energy efficient due to the advancement in energy efficient products available on the market today.

With the aid of VSD’s regulating load changes for chillers, heating thyristors optimising the amount of energy used in heating systems, electrical energy meters offering the ability to monitor usage more effectively, and pressure independent control valves self balancing the chilled and hot water systems, Mechanical Engineers and HVAC specialists are able to offer their customers a more efficient HVAC system, which is good for the environment and their pockets as well.

There are predictions that say the global energy efficient HVAC systems industry is set to grow astronomically in the next few years. With exceptional advancements in HVAC technlogy, a demand for more energy efficiency and a requirement for more cost effective solutions to heating ventilation and airconditioning, the predictions are sure to reach estimated growth figures if not exceed them.

According to Technavio, a Market research company, the ‘’Global energy efficient HVAC systems market is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of over 11% during 2018-2022.’’ Businesswire.com

ACS have exceptional relationships with global leading product manufacturers, who strive for HVAC energy efficiency, like Danfoss who supply Vacon VSD’s and pressure independent control valves. Annicom who supply us with heating thyristors, and Senva, Honeywell, and Veris who supply us with electrical metering products.

Why not pay a visit to our products page to find out more about these and other HVAC field devices, and BMS solutions available from ACS? Through our vast portfolio of partner products we can ensure that we offer our customers a complete basket of products to cover any Automated Control Solutions requiring HVAC energy efficiency.