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 Stepping up the HVAC System Design on your next project

HVAC System

According to Rob Falke, President of the National Comfort Institute in America, ‘’those who believe that equipment replacement alone is all that is needed for an efficient installation will continue to miss new opportunities.’’ In the article published recently on contractingbusiness.com, Falke explains how additional service offerings are being included in new, more valuable HVAC system designs, and these ideas are opening up more opportunities for service providers and Mechanical engineers and contractors.

Assessing the current system

Instead of simply replacing the current equipment and adding in a modern BMS, Falke believes that there are a number of opportunities for increasing the efficiency of the HVAC system even more, as well as for further advantages for the business doing the installations. Installers, service operators and Mechanical engineers have the chance to offer a creative, custom solution that will ensure optimal performance, creating a building full of happy inhabitants, and more profit for the engineering and contracting companies.

For this to happen, you may need to get your hands dirty and spend a little more time in the field. Physically examine the current HVAC system and you’re bound to find other areas that are badly in need of an upgrade.

Verifying the design against the outcome

By testing your new solutions against your intended outcomes, you are able to verify the efficiency of your system and make amendments where required, as well as offering the client peace of mind as to the value and efficiency of the new HVAC system. ‘’This is done by measuring airflows and temperatures and calculating the system delivered Btu into the occupied conditioned space of the building.’’ Falke

By doing that little bit extra and searching for the ‘’hard-to-find’’ problems will offer added value to the customer as well as improve the efficiency of the HVAC upgrade or installation.

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