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 Micromanometer for air diffusers and valvesHK Instruments Micromanometer for air diffusers and valves

ACS specialises in sourcing and supplying HVAC and BMS solutions to the southern African HVAC market. We only select the best products we can find which is why we are happy to offer our customers the HK instruments Micromanometer for testing, balancing, and troubleshooting air diffusers and valves.

Features and Benefits

The PHM-V1 Micromanometer for air diffusers and valves is a testing, balancing, and troubleshooting instrument for HVAC service technicians. It’s features and benefits include:

  • Pressure and air flow measurements from air diffusers and valves
  • PHM-V1 does all of the calculations and datalogging
  • Quick, accurate results
  • PHM-V1 Manager software
  • Upload measuring results, add new valve data to create measuring and analysis data
  • Over 700 pre-programmed valve types
  • Define K-values manually
  • High quality product with 5-year warranty

Technical Specs

The PHM-V1 micromanometer has an operating range of -250 to 2550Pa and a maximum overpressure of 30 kPa. It offers accuracy of ±1.4 % from reading and displays the following units: Pressure – Pa, mmH2O, inch WC, mbar, and Volume flow- l/s, m3/h, m3/s. It has an operating temperature range of -10 … 50 °C and can be used with a pitot tube.

Included accessories:
• PHM-V1 manual
• Calibration certificate
• PVC hose (2 pcs, 2 m)
• USB Mini B cable
• USB flash drive containing the PHM-V1 manager software


The HK Instruments Micromanometer for air diffusers and valves (PHM-V1) is manufactured and patented in Finland and brought to the southern African HVAC market by ACS.

If you would like to know more, watch this short introduction video and then give our friendly sales team a call to find out more about ordering, pricing and availability.