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Introducing the SonoSelect Danfoss Heat MeterDanfoss Heat Meter

The key to achieving energy saving solutions and reduced consumption is to know exactly how much energy is being used and when it is being used. The SonoSelect Danfoss heat meter provides a key solution to achieving these goals in building across the world.

By utilising Ultrasonic technology, the SonoSelect heat meter is able to deliver exceptional levels of accuracy and reliability – essential in precision energy management.

Valuable Diagnostics

We don’t mean, simply displaying an error code, but instead with the SonoApp you will receive accurate traceability for error identification and root causes pinpointed to enable fast and smooth troubleshooting.

With the SonoApp it is possible to:

  • Confirm correct installation in a single step
  • Function test run from the App confirms that there are no alarms and ensures that meter values are within acceptable limits.
  • Saves costs by eliminating second-guessing and ensures correct installation – even for inexperienced installers
  • Reduces installation costs thanks to fewer faulty installations and call-backs
  • Advanced diagnostics for cost-efficient service and maintenance
  • vital heat meter and application parameters: e.g. battery life prognosis, potential for re-verification instead of replacement, EMC or air bubble problems.
  • Eliminates the cost of unnecessary or untimely heat meter replacement
  • Reduces costs related to customer complaints and dissatisfied customers


This Bluetooth connector enables you to seamlessly communicate between your phone and the heat meter. The use of the SonoApp, SonoDongle and the SonoSelect has made it possible to achieve functionality and energy management that would normally not be achievable.

Versatile product for all applications

Compatibility is key with the SonoSelect Danfoss Heat Meter as it is suitable for virtually any application and condition. Being compact, it is able to fit in a variety of installations regardless of pipe bends. There are no moving parts, tough cable fixtures are used, and its design is essential to many years of reliable operation.

This video will tell you about the Danfoss SonoSelect™’s innovative app control, genuine diagnostics, best-in-class battery life and continuous high-performance measurement.