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Tosibox 175COMING SOON – TOSIBOX 175  

What are the advantages of TOSIBOX 175? Simply build and manage secure OT infrastructure in minutes. It’s secure with tested and audited security. Because it’s modular, there is unlimited expandability and flexibility. It is truly timeless as it can deal with legacy and future systems. It’s unique with its globally patented point-to-point connections.

What to expect from the Tosibox 175  

Now TOSIBOX® has taken the next step with the release of the TOSIBOX 175 next generation Plug & Go connectivity device.  The TOSIBOX 175 connectivity device is ideal in industry sectors that demand an all-in-one compact solution that is compact, able to handle all environments and suited to global market usage.

The 4G module and external LTE 4G antenna provides stable Internet access, so that the TOSIBOX 175 can be easily configured anywhere. The onboard 4G module technology can be utilized leading Cyber security technology from TOSIBOX®.

The TOSIBOX 175 with a small, durable aluminium alloy shell makes it ideal for mounting. With 3rd party hardware, it allows clients to take different hardware options with the unique and patented technology of TOSIBOX® into a single ecosystem.

Making secure, sustainable, and robust infrastructure has never been easier. The TOSIBOX 175 is compatible with all existing TOSIBOX® products. Because TOSIBOX® products are modular, it easy and fast to extend networks.

TOSIBOX 175 features

The TOSIBOX 175 includes two ports, one LAN and one WAN for internet or cable connectivity. Connectivity is independent of operating systems and works on all internet connections independent of the operator. It is firewall friendly and works with dynamic, static and private IP addresses. It can handle up to ten concurrent VPN connections with VPN throughput up to 10 Mbit/s. It also features the TosiOnline automatic network recovery that resolves most mobile operator and modem problems.

The TOSIBOX 175 connectivity device comes with an RJ-45 Cat5e Ethernet cable, an LTE antenna, DIN rail mount and power connector plug. The included AC adapter – Input 100 – 240 V AC, frequency 50/60Hz 0,3A, output 12.0 V, 1.0 A, max 12.0 W comes with EU, UK, AU and US power sockets.

Ordering, Pricing & Availability

With the introduction of the TOSIBOX 175, TOSIBOX® has taken the next step in secure OT infrastructure.

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