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Building AutomationBuilding Automation – safe and easy in the hands of Tosibox

Tosibox is a dynamic product which makes connecting your buildings even easier, more secure and more cost effective. It embraces the idea of the Internet of Things and makes your network and connectivity that much more effective.

How Tosibox works

The Tosibox system essentially provides a remote connection that is secure and is able to be built onto. This infinitely scalable technology works across all types of devices, systems and internet connections and offers remote connections from any where in the world.

Benefits of Tosibox in Building Automation

  • Complete real-time management

With your IoT network and the Tosibox, you are able to tap into your ‘ecosystem’ and control everything from energy monitoring to HVAC, security to lighting, sensors, building automation and more.

  • Secure remote control connection

By securing the network, and allowing remote access, you can access data in order to improve efficiency and ensure cost savings to your system. The Tosibox Lock firewall ensures optimal security by disallowing all unnecessary data.

  • Cost-efficiency

You don’t need to manage new and current fixed IP addresses, and can use the same network configuration every time. With Tosibox you can automate the configuration leading to lightning fast deployment.

  • Access Management

Create your access groups and share relevant information as you see fit to ensure the optimal running of your building.

  • Compatibility

Tosibox is compatible with all technology and BMS systems provided by manufacturers and suppliers from around the world and is not exclusive to any form of protocol.

The award-winning Tosibox products are manufactured in Finland and available directly from ACS. So, give us a call today to find out more!

To find out more about how Tosibox simplifies IoT, watch their video here: