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IoT connectivityAs the IoT (Internet of Things) trend continues to grow, there isn’t a single area of our life that won’t be touched by IoT devices in the next decade. Connectivity is the foundation for IoT, and it needs to be simple, precise, and secure for companies to be able to reap the benefits.

The Importance of IoT Connectivity

The Internet of Things consists of intelligent, connected machines and devices that gather and process vast quantities of data to accomplish processes in ways that weren’t dreamt of in the past.

The market opportunities and new business models that will be made possible by new connected technologies, especially by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), will transform business and processes as we know them.

Devices such as elevators, factory equipment, building management systems, and workspaces are all being connected to the internet to transmit data from their background processes. Real-time data collection and logging improves data analysis and reporting and boosts efficiencies. Data analysis helps companies better optimise processes to reduce costs and improve outputs.

IoT Connectivity and Data

To be able to collect and use the data, and feed it back to the devices, companies need IoT connectivity. Data transmission, collection and analysis is only possible with an efficient communication and feedback system. Data transmission needs to be simple, precise, and reliable.

The main challenges in IIoT are cyber-security, no standardisation, lack of skills, legacy equipment, and large upfront costs. Questions about reliability, security and costs of the connection technologies used are holding back companies from taking the leap into IoT.

IoT possibilities with Tosibox

The easy-to-use and secure TOSIBOX® technology enables two-way communication, which allows both data collection and device control. Companies can finally attain the benefits of IoT as well as remote maintenance with this one, unique technology. Moreover, TOSIBOX® enables easy, centralized, and device-specific access management. Creating and managing access groups, limiting access, and adding new users and objects is a matter of clicks whereas with previous generation technologies the same tasks took days or weeks to perform.

Enterprises can manage their networks in a brand-new way with more efficiency and security than before. While TOSIBOX® secures the connections, this full package lets companies and integrators create new services on top of the technology. Secure IoT connectivity, remote maintenance and network management are solved by this award-winning technology that is already in use worldwide.

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