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Danfoss Ac DrivesNow part of the Danfoss Group, Vacon is a global manufacturer of variable speed drives for adjustable control of electric motors, and inverters for producing energy from renewable sources. This month we’re featuring the Vacon 20 Danfoss AC Drives which are jam-packed with functionality, and provide machine control on a new level.

These drives are compact and offer a wide range of power options as well as a built-in PLC functionality. It’s one of the most flexible drives on the market offering incredible cost savings as well.

The Vacon 20 Danfoss AC Drives offer:

  • Wide power range
  • Cutting-edge performance
  • Quick installation and setup
  • Built-in PLC functionality
  • Fieldbus connectivity
  • Parameter copying without main power
  • Custom-made software

The Vacon 20 Danfoss AC Drives can be used in various applications including: pumps & fans, conveyors, packaging, processing, washing machines and more. They offer a power rating up to 18.5 kW, full I/O + option board support, Built-in choke as option in ≥16A types, and induction and permanent magnet (PM) motor support.

The Vacon 20 Cold Plate

‘’When the environment is more demanding or there is a cooling media such as liquid already available, the AC drive cooling can also be optimized further. The VACON® 20 Cold Plate shares the control and power topology with the standard VACON® 20 drive, but offers completely new possibilities for creating unique and efficient cooling solutions.’’

Typical applications for the Vacon 20 Cold Plate AC drives include: Textile machinery, hoists and cranes, conveyors in demanding environments, compressors and heat pumps.

‘’Danfoss Drives is a world leader in variable speed control of electric motors. We offer you unparalleled competitive edge through quality, application-optimized products and a comprehensive range of product lifecycle services.’’

So contact ACS today to find out more about our full range of Danfoss Vacon drives and other products supplied by Danfoss, or download the brochure for the Vacon 20 AC Drives here:

Source: https://www.acontrols.co.za/wp/Datasheets/Variable%20Speed%20Drives/VACON/VACON_Compact_Ac_Drive_LR.pdf

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