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BTU MeterOnicon’s New System 20 BTU Meter is packed with features

Offering precise accuracy and solid thermal energy measurement, the System 20 BTU Meter is versatile and reliable when you need it most. The meter communicates with RS485 BACnet® MS/TP or MODBUS® RTU and comes standard with 3 pulse and 1 analogue output. You will also find 3 auxiliary pulse inputs for simplifying utility metering.


Typical Applications of the Onicon System 20 BTU Meter

Chilled water, hot water and condenser water systems for:

  • Central plant monitoring
  • Campus energy monitoring and cost allocation
  • Performance/efficiency evaluations
  • Energy monitoring for performance contracts
  • AHU and CRAC units for commercial office tenant billing
  • Solar, geothermal and ground-source energy monitoring
  • Residential apartment and condominium tenant billing

User Friendly Interface Display

The Onicon System 20 BTU Meter was designed to be easily programmable with an easy-to-read back light display. With ‘’smart button technology’’ programming and commissioning becomes a cinch!

Standard Features:

  • Multiple Outputs
  • Multiple Flow Meter Options
  • Multiple Temperature Sensor Options
  • Auxiliary Pulse Inputs
  • Built-In Interval Data Logger
  • Suitable for Water and Water/Glycol Solutions
  • System-20s are field programmable for water or water/glycol solutions to ensure accurate flow and energy measurement.

To find out more about the Onicon System 20 BTU Meter and the other HVAC solutions offered by Onicon, check out the Onicon products page, the Onicon website, or give us a call today!