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Danfoss engineers technologies that enable the world of tomorrow to do more with less. They meet the growing need for infrastructure, food supply, energy efficiency and climate-friendly solutions.


SonoSelect™ 10 is a high-end ultrasonic meter for heating and cooling consumption. The compact meter is primarily used in residential buildings and also allows measuring of tap water. By using Danfoss SonoApp™, a new level of installation and commissioning simplicity is achieved.

SonoSafe™ 10

The ultrasonic meter SonoSafe™ is a compact and reliable meter offering basic features and functions. It can be installed in several heating applications within residential buildings and comes with all national certification requirements.

SonoMeter 40

SonoMeter™ 40 is a compact ultrasonic meter for measuring the flow and thermal energy in heating and/or cooling applications within district energy networks, commercial buildings, multifamily houses, single family houses or even in the industrial sector where water is the heat carrier.

SonoRead 868 - Wireless Radio Receiver for meter reading

SONO 3500CT Ultrasonic flow meter

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Precision and Reliability through Advanced Ultrasonic Technology



Onicon is a leader in HVAC BTU Flow Metering with a range of products including turbine meters, vortex meters, electromagnetic meters, thermal mass flow meters, and clamp-on ultrasonic meters as well as BTU meters and display modules. ONICON continually delivers comprehensive solutions for all our customers’ flow and BTU measurement needs.

F-1000 Series - Turbine Flow Meter

F-3500 - Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meter

F-4600 - Inline Ultrasonic Flow Meter

System 10 - BTU Meter

System 20 - BTU Meter

System 40 - BAC - BTU Measurement System

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Flow and Energy Metering for Central Energy Plants

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