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Greystone Energy Systems Inc. is internationally recognized as one of the largest ISO registered manufacturers of HVAC sensors and transducers for Building Automation Management Systems. We have conscientiously established a worldwide reputation as an industry leader by maintaining leading-edge design technology, prompt technical support, and a commitment to on-time deliveries.

IAQ - Total Indoor Air Quality Sensor

AIR4 Series – Air Quality Monitor

AQDT Series – Air Quality Transmitter

PMDT Series – Duct Particulate Matter Sensor

PMRMC Series – Particulate Matter Sensor

Air Quality & Gas Product Series


Reliability and Innovation in the Areas of Pressure and Temperature We can supply you with a variety of products – with the focus on pressure switches, pressure transmitters, and thermostats – to achieve greater reliability and innovation.

C7110 Room Co2 Sensors



Veris Industries, Located in Portland Oregon, is a market focused, customer service oriented, leading supplier of energy and environmental sensors and control peripherals for Commercial HVAC and Energy Management applications.

CDE & CWE Series - Standard Duct and Wall CO2 Sensors



Founded in 1991 Evikon MCI Ltd develops, manufactures and markets sensor-based electronic measurement instruments for industrial and building automation applications

Evikon E2250 Air Quality Monitor



Smartemp are an Australian company who manufacturer Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Controls (HVAC controllers) for various applications.

SMT-IAQ3 indoor air quality sensor


Senva is an American company that specialises in the manufacturing of  energy meters and control peripherals. The meters automatically recognizes if you have either BACnet or Modbus communications, self-configures its baud rate, eliminating additional configuration steps to provide a full data stream of power variables.

TotalSense Series Outdoor Air Quality Sensor

TotalSense Series Indoor Air Quality /Occupancy Sensor