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Danfoss AB-QM was the first of its kind control valve for HVAC heating and cooling applications. It is a control valve with automatic flow limitation and built-in differential pressure control functioning over the control valve. The result of this concept is a high performing control valve with a – still – unique valve authority of 100%. The design flow can easily be set to the needed amount by using a 20-100% scale. Simply setting the design flow replaces traditional commissioning processes, gives a much more accurate control and avoids Kv calculations for system designers.

VF2 & VF3 Seated Valves

MTCV - Multifunctional Thermostatic Circulation Valve

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VRB2 & VRB3 Seated Valves

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AME 685 actuator and VF3 large 3-way valve

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In more than 100 million homes and five million buildings worldwide, Honeywell valves, products, components and systems deliver temperature control, comfort, energy conservation and safety.

VS8 Series 2-way/3-way FCU Control Valve

DS VN3 Control Valve

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Ensure comfort and guarantee efficiency at every stage of the building control process. Reduce energy, installation, and maintenance costs with a wide range of valves and actuators. Product applications range from zone and FCU control through air handling units and HVAC to industrial processes. iSMA CONTROLLI with over 80 years of experience in manufacturing Control Valves and Actuators offers a reliable and trusted solution for every building.

2-3TIA Control Valve

The 2TIA.L and 3TIA valves are control globe valves entirely made of stainless steel (AISI304) for applications in heating or refrigeration circuits in HVACR and industrial (e.g. food).

MVE5xxR-65 Actuator

MVE5XXR-65 is a very flexible electromechanical actuator for the control of two and three-way globe valves usable in heating and air conditioning systems, air handling units; district heating plants; industrial control systems. The actuator is suitable for harsh environments requiring an IP65 degree of protection.

The actuator can be controlled either by a proportional (modulating) control or by a floating signal.. It is possible to mount it directly on all types of CONTROLLI flanged valves, while for the CONTROLLI threaded valves and for the valves of other manufacturers, connection kits are available.

VPx PN16 Composite Valves

MVX52B Electrothermal Actuator for Control Valves

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Neptronic products are designed and manufactured by over 250 dedicated employees in our 7,500 m2 state-of-the-art facility located in Montreal, Canada. Using a vertical integration model, thier entire manufacturing chain is under one roof.

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BV06 Series Motorized Ball Valves