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HK Instruments is highly specialized in developing technologically advanced air pressure measurement devices for HVAC applications. Our products are primarily used in air handling systems and building automation. Thanks to the clear and practical user interfaces, installation of our devices is extremely easy and fast. Result being for the user, money saved.

DPT-Ctrl-MOD - Air Handing Controller

DPI Series - Differential Pressure Switches

DPT-R8 Series - Differential Pressure Transmitters


PS Series - Differential Pressure Switches


Greystone Energy Systems Inc. is internationally recognized as one of the largest ISO registered manufacturers of HVAC humidity sensors, transducers and switches for Building Automation Management Systems. We have conscientiously established a worldwide reputation as an industry leader by maintaining leading-edge design technology, prompt technical support, and a commitment to on-time deliveries.

CR3 - Cleanroom Monitor




Our sales, production and development teams work side by side to ensure reliability in every step. In our large scale testing area air pressure measurement products are repeatedly subjected to extensive tests. We leave nothing to chance and we believe that only in-house tested products are reliable products.

Industrie Technik Brochure


MAMAC Systems is a leading global manufacturer of air pressure measurement sensors, transducers, control peripherals and web browser based IP Appliances. MAMAC products are used for HVAC and environmental controls, remote monitoring alarming, energy metering, and industrial automation.

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